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Monday, 17 July 2017

HamburgerMenu V2 with PowerShell

Since my last post «MahApps HamburgerMenu & PowerShell», some people asked me on how to use the version with an image and not the canvas resources available in Icons.xaml.

To achieve this, in this post I’ll show you:
- How to set up your project files.
- What needs to be changed compared to the previous version.

Here is a little preview of what you’ll get at the end:


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Mahapps.Metro HamburgerMenu with PowerShell

I started a long time ago making a tutorial series about using WPF with PowerShell. For theming my apps, I always use Mahapps and really like this theme. This time I’d like to introduce a new Control available in their latest release: the “HamburgerMenu Control”.

As introduced by Jan Karger in his blog: “since v1.4.0 of Mahapps.Metro contains this new control which is mostly the same as the one from the UWP Community Toolkit”.

In this post, I’ll show you how it works and how to use it with PowerShell. So, at the end of this post, you should have something which looks like this:


Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to pass arguments to a powershell script?

It’s been a while folks. Recently, a colleague of mine asked me how to pass argument(s) to a PowerShell script and how does it work. I even come across the same problem when I started PowerShell so I decided to write something about it for those who may need.

Let’s dig into the subject:
Basically, you want to achieve something like this:

.\Powershell.exe “C:\myScript.ps1” -args1 “value1” -args2 “value2” […]  -optional1 -optional2 […]

With as many arguments and optional switch you want.

How it is done?

Edit your script and at the head of your file before everything add the following lines:

The statement:

Param(): declares parameters that will be used, pretty obvious.
[Parameter()]: specifications about the parameter if it is mandatory, its position …
[string] /[int] /[switch]: parameters type.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

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